Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Montessori Teachers in Japan

How about work as a Montessori Teachers in Japan? Becoming a Montessori teacher requires a lot of devotion, understanding and time, but it also opens the doors to a whole new world of education. Sure you will find it very interesting job.

This jobs that require travel require English speaking individual to work and teach English in Japan. Japan? Wow…maybe you’ll be working at a nice place, imagine a place surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers.

Common Requirements
1. The applicant must have at least an AMI (or equivalent) 3-6 diploma and deep knowledge of Montessori education.
2. Minimum 2 years experience as a Montessori Teacher.
3. English language skill equal to a native speaker of English is required.

Some Of The Benefits Offered
1. Competitive salary
2. Full Time job
3. Paid travel
4. Bonus
5. Medical and housing assistance
6. Attractive allowance

How to Apply The Job?
Usually through e-mail and apply with full resume/CV, a photo image and the names of 2 referees.

Wait…do you know how to Become a Montessori Teacher? Here are some common steps to follow:

1. Decide which class level to work with. Example:

1.1 An infant-toddler class (birth to age 2)
1.2 A primary class (ages 3 to 6),
1.3 A lower elementary class (ages 6 to 9),
1.4 An upper elementary class (ages 9 to 12)
1.5 A secondary level class (ages 12 to 15 and ages 15 to 18)

2. Contact education department of your state to check the requirements for becoming a Montessori teacher in your area or for international level.

3. Search for Montessori teacher education programs in your area that are accredited by the American Montessori Society or the Association Montessori International (AMI).

4. Prepare to do a practical job in order to learn the philosophy of Montessori education, the materials of a Montessori classroom and the techniques of quality observation, among other things.

5. Take the exam for both written and oral exams to verify your knowledge of the Montessori teacher education program.

6. Study under a master teacher as a student teacher for a one year practicum – make the arrangement between the school and you.

7. You should successfully obtain your Montessori teacher certificate.

Montessori Teachers in Japan is one of nice jobs that require travel. Get prepared if you would like to apply.

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