Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Career as a Locksmith

There are a plenty of jobs that require travel out there.
If you're considering a Locksmith career, but worry that it might be too boring for you, there are many ways to make it more interesting.

As a Locksmith definitely you’ll need to travel. A Locksmith may want to work in environments that offer more than what a small town or rural area can provide.

In this case, there are other, more exciting areas of the world that need the services that you can provide. The bright lights, busy and constant action, noise, and interesting crowds keep the job from becoming too boring.

Let’s look at some of the opportunities for Locksmith to travel:

1. Big cities like Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, and San Francisco or Los Angeles are exciting places in which to work. Big cities mean a bigger crime rate and more businesses and residences that need locks and security systems. The excitement of a big city is appealing to tourists as well as the residents and business owners.

2. A beautiful locations that need the services of Locksmith. Alaska is one place that has many remote areas of beauty as well as businesses that require Locksmiths. It is often thought of in a desolate way, but there are cities and communities and outdoor workers who need protection from thieves and curious residents and tourists.

3. For jobs that require travel, Hawaii is a dreamy wild place to find employment especially for Locksmith jobs. The high rate of tourism offers constant action both human and in fun things to do. Offering natural beauty, a Locksmith can find serenity as well as fresh customers on a regular basis.

4. Another place to travel is Washington, DC. It’s a wild location for a Locksmith. If you're the person living in this wild city, you can go through a directory that screens and rates Locksmith businesses. Screening indicates that there is a high crime rate, which increases the rate of break-ins, which in turn provides more business for the Locksmith.

5. This jobs that require travel are also needed in college towns for the colleges as well as the other areas because of the higher population and constant action of the youth. A school is always a fun and interesting place to work because the kids keep it interesting.

Common Qualification Required for Locksmith:
• Minimum Education: Ability to read, understand verbal directions and complete written reports (higher qualification is an added advantage).

• Possess a valid Class C driver license (definitely you need to travel) and prove insurability with the District’s insurance carrier.

• Professional, ethical, and responsible, and able to serve as a role model for all district employees and staff.

• Adhere to the Professional code of Ethics and district policies.

• Minimum Experience: 5 years locksmith experience (don’t worry less than 5 years also will be considered).

Common Responsibilities and Duties:
• Install locks and locking devices, repair locks, and perform any other locksmith functions as assigned.

• Follow security guidelines regarding safeguarding keys, picks, and other security-sensitive equipment, materials and supplies.

• Cut keys as indicated on work orders and assigned by structural foreman.

• Set up and maintain master key systems.

• Maintain keyless entry systems.

• Implement and maintain computer coded keying system.

• Record man hours and material costs on work performed and keep structural foreman informed of job costs.

• Respond to pages in a timely manner while serving on-call duty.

• Practice high standards of safety in performance of all duties.

• Perform other duties as directed by structural Foreman or Supervisors in line of authority.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cruise Lines Offer Jobs That Require Travel

Still looking for jobs that require travel?
Have you ever thought about working for a cruise line?

OK, let’s consider applying for a job with a cruise line. Working on a cruise line has many benefits such as you get to see the world for FREE.

Living on a cruise ship is a lot different than what you would expect. It takes some time to adjust to the rapidity. At first, it can seem a bit confusing, especially as you try to find the way around the ship. But after a few weeks, you'll soon have a familiar routine of work and play.

Most common benefits you should expect from this jobs that require travel:

1. Medical coverage while on contract and insurance is available for purchase for coverage between contracts.
2. Meals and costumes/uniforms are provided to the Crew at no expense.
3. A Crew Gym – usually open 24 hours / day and outfitted with high tech equipment, cardiovascular machines and free weights to challenge all fitness levels.
4. Crew Deck and Pool also provided – good for you to catch some sun while you're not working.
5. A Crew Mess will offer a variety of meal choices, catering to different nationalities and to accommodate everyone's work schedule. Some cruise line will provide free drinks too.
6. Recreation area is a standard facility will be provided by most cruise line -for playing pool, ping-pong, and video games or to have a cup of coffee and chat with your friends.
7. Crew bars – usually will be provided. It’s come with host themed parties, dances, as well as a relaxed place to wind down after a busy work day.

This jobs that require travel will keep you in touch with your family and friends through:

1. A prepaid cellular service will allows outgoing calls, incoming calls and text messaging.
2. Special phone cards also available - allow you to make international calls at a reduced rate, thus you could enjoy your jobs that require travel!
3. Internet Cafe for crew members – to help you stay in touch with your friends and family back home.

A nice and comfortable quarters also another standard facility for crew members. Usually the size is small but equipped with everything you need, such as TV/DVD and refrigerator. There is a very good possibility that your roommates may be of a different ethnic group.

In general if you would like to work with a cruise line, you must meet the following qualifications:

• Be 21 years of age or older
• Enjoy working in a high-volume, fast-paced Guest service environment.
• Good conversational English - can speak, read and write fluently
• Be able to obtain a valid passport and United States C1/D visas
• Be willing to commit to contract jobs (usually minimum will be 6 months contract).
• Prepared to work a 7-day with limited time-off during your contract.
• At least 2 years related experience
• Be flexible with your work schedule, job duties and job locations.
• Guest focused.
• Appreciate diversity among Guests and Crew.
• Willing to share a cabin.

Interview for jobs that require travel

If hired, most common things you'll need to pay:
• C1/D Seaman's Visa (documents to obtain will be provided).
• Passport for jobs that require travel.
• Criminal Background Check.

Things you need to do before hired:
• Have a Pre-employment Medical, including a drug test.

For further details regarding this jobs that require travel, contact cruise line itself. Their representative will be glad to help you.

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