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Jobs That Require Travel in UK

Qualifications and skills required for jobs that require travel in UK

As we know, travel sector offers jobs that require travel to all its employees the chance to travel around the world.

Individuals working in this industry usually hold formal qualifications, including university degrees in Tourism Management and Tourism Development or International Air Transportation Association (IATA) diplomas.

The latter focus more on practical knowledge of airlines, reservation systems and cabin crew training. However, bear in mind that a large portion of training takes place on the job, and many employers in the tourism industry prefer experience over qualifications when recruiting for jobs that require travel in UK.

Some recruitment consultants believe that having a degree shows an individual’s devotion to the profession but in general other tour operators maintain that experience is crucial for attaining a jobs that require travel.

According to spokesman of the Federation of Tour Operators, “More than courses, many tour operators want experience and common sense. The “tourism” side can be learnt on the job.”

Students are encouraged to take the course in a foreign country, or to learn another language while studying, as this will stand them in good stead when they start hunting for jobs that require travel in UK.

Of course, degrees are always highly regarded by employers, although the extent to which the qualification will counts towards securing a job is largely reliant on the specific type of role you intend to fill.

Practical skills required for jobs that require travel in UK are also determined by the type of job you wish to do. For example, Cabin Crew members are required to be physically vigorous and fluent in English and other languages, while Travel Consultants need outstanding communication skills and a good working knowledge of the Computer Reservation System.

Another important skills required to the majority of travel or tourism jobs:
- customer service experience and marketing skill.

Please note that, while it is advantageous to have traveled, employers usually rate sales experience as the most important skill for any jobs that require travel in UK or elsewhere.

Some example of jobs that require travel in UK:

A variety of vacancies exist within the travel sector. Some of the example of the more popular positions include those of Travel Agency Manager, Air Cabin Crew, Hotel Manager, Tourism Officer, Information Officer, Theme Park Manager and Travel Consultant, and this jobs that require travel are often available in most of these areas.

Persons with formal training may be successful in their applications for management positions, while others may find that they have to work hard from more junior positions. Individual with hard-working attitude or talented individuals often find themselves moving up the ranks quite swiftly.

There is a plenty of room for growth in most entry-level and intermediate travel jobs in UK, and many jobs that require travel offer good salary packages and incentives such as commission and travel concessions.

Salary packages and other benefits are usually commensurate with age, qualification and experience. Please check your salary for particular jobs that require travel in UK at cbsalary.com

Wish you good luck.

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