Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Jobs that Require Travel?

Do you have any idea regarding jobs that require travel?

Let’s go through a few examples today.

What about International Marketing Company? It is an ideal field for those who love frequent traveling but be warned, after a while; it will be extremely tiring and boring too!

Or, one can also try and find a job in an Airline Company. Let say, you would like to become a pilot. Get all the necessary requirements and travel the world!
Fly your family for pennies and earn a lot of money. If you are not qualified, here are a few options:

1.Teach English in a foreign country, such as in Japan. Check out what they pay. You might be astonished.
2.Be a travel agent

Or, another jobs that require travel are Armed Force Army. Whether it will involve travel depends on what your position is. Maybe you’ll be posted to Afghanistan, Iraq or to Somalia or again to Vietnam? Enjoy your jobs wherever you go. After all that is your jobs that require travel.

Check out your local newspaper for the jobs that require travel such as a career in "Field Service". This job suitable if you’re more technically skilled.

Jobs that require travel will include in their ads word "on-site repair" of installed equipment. You will have to travel to a lot of places to perform on site repair. For example, hospital equipments, manufacturing machines, copiers, wireless telephone, computer networks or elevators.

For this jobs that require travel and technical skill, generally you should have some sort of 2-years degree at least and some practical training. Travel can be nationwide but is usually limited to a smaller region. If you're good enough you can get the installation jobs that would take you farther a field, even internationally.

Next, Business Consulting firms often have jobs that require travel. Definitely 100% travel. It could be perfect for a recent college grad with no spouse, geographic ties, etc. However living in hotels can make you get old fast.

Finally, for the jobs that require travel, you could find a career niche and Freelance across the country. You'd end up eating all the travel and living expenses but at least you'd be traveling.

Enjoy your job!

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