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7 Steps to Having the Travel Job of Your Dreams - Travel Jobs Tips

Looking for jobs that require travel? Get some tips from Tyson Hale here.

7 Steps to Having the Travel Job of Your Dreams - Travel Jobs Tips
By Tyson Hale.

After 8 years of traveling around the world and working travel jobs I have compiled the step-by-step process on how anyone can do it. Follow these travel job steps if you want the secrets to making money while traveling. . It's a fast 2 hour process and you'll be amazed at what travel jobs you'll land.
Getting a travel job is not hard. In fact, its easy and getting a travel job can be one of the most exciting times in ones life. There are definitely steps you need to follow if you want to land a great travel job instead of just taking what ever you can get.

I have compiled a 7-step process in the past 8 years of working travel jobs and I have land every travel job I've wanted when I follow these travel jobs steps. Most importantly, I have loved every travel job since then.

Travel Job Step #1 - Write down your skills and passions.

The first travel job step is to get a piece of paper and write down your skills and your passions. Take about 10 minutes on both topics. Remember this is the base, it's really important you are honest with yourself and you really define what is it that makes you happy and feeling at your best. Once you have your two lists move on to travel jobs Step #2.

Travel Job Step #2 - Match up and pull out the top 3

You are now going to match up the passions with the skills. NOTE: Focus on passions more then skills, you can always learn a skill. Don't under rate yourself; every single job has a human being with the exact same genetic make up as you. None of us are super hero, you can have any job you want. After it's all through you should have a list of three travel jobs that you would LOVE to have.

Travel Jobs Step #3 - Find the top 5-10 jobs in the areas to want to travel to

The goal here is to be active instead of re-active. Meaning, don't have the "take what ever you can get" mentality. Instead, take what you have defined as the ideal job and find that position. I do this by taking the places in the world that I've always wanted to go to and then search for the keywords of my ideal travel job. The key is to not search for the travel job but to search for the service or involvement that travel job would offer. For Example: If its glacier guiding in Alaska, I would write "Alaska glacier tours."

Travel Job Step #4 - Write down the 7 most important qualities

Now you should be looking at 5-10 of your top dream travel jobs. If you look at them and get an overwhelming sensation of excitement then you have a good list. If you don't get that then keep searching. The next step is to search through the companies and combine the 7 most important qualities that company is going to want in an employee. Try to make half of them obvious qualities such as; easy to get along with, reliable etc... and the other half that is specific such as high level of endurance, certifications etc...

Travel Jobs Step #5 - Create specific resume, contact and submit to ALL

Your travel job resume should have 5 things:
1) A feeling about who you are
2) experience in specific job
3) qualifications
4) 2-3 references to contact
5) hit hard on the seven qualities that the company will find of high value.

Do all you can to contact the hirer and talk to them before submitting your resume. You goal is to get along, if you can make them laugh and then submit. A small conversation will create a connection above other applicants. Now you want to submit to them all at once so the opportunities will come to you all at once. When that happens your attitude changes and you come across as a more desirable person to want to have. If you only have one travel job you are going for then you are going to naturally come across more needy.

Travel Job Step #6 - Questions - Qualify - Questions

Qualifying is the key to separating yourself from the majority of people. This is an area most people fail when it comes to getting travel jobs. Qualifying is the best way to show that you have value to offer and it's also important you don't get caught up in the wrong job. When you qualify you become the buyer and they become the seller, that is a much better position to be in.

Travel Jobs Step #7 - Take the travel job and have fun.

This is a hard step for some. Some people can't seem to let go and give themselves the experience. They keep making up excuses to why they can't go yet and after a while that travel job excitement is numbed by the day-to-day routine and the opportunity fads away.

If you get a feeling of excitement when you think about doing that travel job then do it. That's your signal, let that be your guide. There was a study done with old people and their fulfillment in life and one of the questions was:

"What do wish you would have done when you were younger?"
The #1 answer was, "I wish I would have taken more risks"
It's your life, and only you can choose how you live it. to get a free travel jobs course with two 'get paid to travel' specialists and learn about how to get paid to travel the world.
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