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Travel As a Journalist

Blog jobs that require travel would like to invite readers to have a look at the following requirements:

Personal characteristics required:
. Have writing skills.
. Master English language or any other foreign language.
. Have the talent and creativity.
. Willing to meet and interview the individual levels.
. Willing to travel.
. Possess own transport is an advantage.
. Willing to work regardless of time and place.
. Extensive knowledge in various fields.

You should have the above requirement if you would like to work as a Journalist. Today’s Journalists are absolutely required to travel locally or abroad in order to accomplish their duty.

EVERY day we read news and articles in newspapers or magazines. We also heard on the radio or watch television news broadcasts. Various news and events published and reported to us through the mass media. Who is doing this noble task? Of course it was done by journalists and broadcast journalists for electronic media.

Their duty is to cover the event, occurrence, activities and any incidents that may be used as news and stories to be reported to the readers, listeners and viewers.

In addition, journalists will provide career opportunities to meet with various community groups such as the prominent leaders, politicians and businessmen.

A person who aspires to be a journalist should have writing skills, able to master English language or any foreign languages (it could be as a bonus) as well as talented and creative in producing ideas.

Without having these characteristics it's difficult for a person working as a journalist, which requires a person to write news and articles by fully well understood.

They also need to interview anyone who needed either in English or any other foreign languages. As a journalist, each day you will be given assignments to cover the event or to interview a particular individual. After that, you will return to the newsroom to write a news article regarding an interview earlier. Then the news articles written will be edited by the editor before publication or broadcast in the media.

Experienced newspaper and broadcast journalists usually get the opportunity to report on international news from abroad and may become foreign correspondents for their specific media institutions. For example foreign correspondents employed by news media institutions are usually based in important cities like London, Washington, Amsterdam, Canberra, Tokyo and other international venues.

The rapid development of electronic and print media industry as a result of economic growth has opened opportunities for a career in journalism, especially in the private sector. Many prints and electronic media company operating in the current operations need manpower in the field of journalism.

In addition, government agencies and private companies also require an officer or employee who could write about the agencies and their companies to divulge to the public purpose.

Although the graduate in journalism from the university or institution of higher learning have the opportunity to venture into this area, of late, a lot of print and electronic media tend to prefer candidates who have specialized in certain areas.

This is because they have deep knowledge and more understanding of the fields than a candidate who only has a qualification in the field of journalism.

How Much Is the Salary?
Journalism career can offer a lucrative salary with a starting salary and other rewards based on academic qualifications and work experience.

Where to Learn Journalism?
Several universities and specialized institutions of higher learning offering in the field of journalism, namely University of Sheffield, UK, Cardiff University, UK , Taylor’s University College (, University Of Queensland, Australia and University of Florida, USA (just to name a few).

During the study, students will be exposed to courses in journalism, including the sending of communications, principles of journalism, reporting and news writing, reporting and editing, public speaking, graphic and layout, article writing, translation, communication, picture, communications law and management of newspapers.

Common Qualifications
For those who have a diploma or degree in journalism or communications they are more likely to venture into this field.

The candidates who have a diploma or degree from another field can apply for this career. For those who have lower qualifications and not in the field of journalism, usually will required going through training in journalism for a period of three months or more in their companies where they work.

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