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Sports Reporter

Would you like to work as a Sports Reporter? Is this the jobs that require travel? Yes, some Sports Reporter travels with a team whereas others write only on local sporting events.

As a Sports Reporter having a good understanding of the athletes, rules and basic elements of the game or sporting event is important.

In addition to just having a working relationship with the professionals and players in the sport the Sports Reporter also attends games and practices and meets with officials and organizers. That’s why you need to travel.

Common work required:

. meet up with editors and other sports reporters for the paper to cover stories or to make sure that both major and minor sporting events are being covered.
. talking to and interviewing athletes, coaches and officials of all different levels and in different sports.
. attending sporting events in the community, going to amateur or professional games or sporting events.
. exploring all the rules of the sport and understanding the various strategies and plays involved in the game.
. writing sports stories that are useful, accurate and exceptional. Getting all the stories in with editing revisions by the deadline.
. associating with others in the field to get ideas and information for new sports stories.

Common Minimum Qualifications:

. four year college/university degree in Journalism, Communications, or other related field.
. minimum one to three years television experience as a sports reporter.
. some knowledge of all aspects of professional and amateur sports.

Common Skills and Abilities:

. love and knowledge of the sport, having deadline experience.
. a “team player,” fantastic communication and organizational skills.
. innovative and not afraid to share your ideas.
. willingness to TRAVEL (that’s why you’re in it, huh?).
. knowledge and use of computer software material.
. excellent writing and producing skills.
. ability to manage all aspects of a sports department.

Terms of Employment: Permanent, Part Time, Day

How to Apply:

Please apply for this job only in the manner specified by the employer. Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position.

By E-mail:

By mail to: employer address.

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