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Becoming a Chef

Is this the jobs that require travel?

Depending on the employer you choose, some would require you to travel. If you love to travel while involves with cooking jobs, then you should spend a few minutes to read the following article.

Read the following advertisement:

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Good Day,

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Yes the above advertisement seeking a Chef that requires to travel!

If you have a passion for cooking the most delicious meals, and for travel and adventure, perhaps applying for cruise ship chef jobs is exactly what you need. There are a large number of chefs and positions that will be needed. The main ones are:

• Cruise ship executive chef
• Cruise ship sous chef
• Cruise ship pastry chef
• Cruise ship kitchen staff
• Cruise ship food and beverage manager
• Cruise ship galley chef
• Cruise ship baker
• Cruise ship chef de partie

As a cruise ship chef you will be pretty busy in the galley or restaurants on board for all the meals of the day. You will work in shifts and usually get a day off per week, which you can spend, on land excursions at whichever ports are on the cruise liner itinerary, or you can enjoy the many facilities on board the cruise ship.

OK, let see what the Common Requirements has needed to be a good Chef:

• Highly motivated
• Good imagination
• Self - confidence
• Good communication skills
• Hard-working
• Always practical
• Methodical
• Able to do multi-task
• Able to stay calm under pressure

Where and How to Start?

There are various routes you can take:

• doing a full-time course at a college or a professional cooking school
• starting at the bottom level in a restaurant and working your way up as your skills develop
• on-the-job training with days at college
• Working in a chain that offers in-house training.

Usually potential chefs begin by taking courses in high school or after-high-school vocational training programs.

Hotels, restaurateurs, cruise ships, and other establishments needing professional chefs look toward the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and its endorsement when going over the resume of a possible chef to work for them.

The ACF puts their stamp of endorsement on more than 100 cooking school training programs and backs apprenticeship programs all over the USA.

Have you successfully completed training that's acceptable through the ACF's recognized standards?

If yes, you've got a definite leg up on your competitions who’ve recently received certificates from Bobs Burger Flipping School.

This doesn't mean you're guaranteed a job; however you just have an advantage!

Skills and Job Scope includes:
• Planning skills - you'll need to plan menus and ensure that dishes are ready at the right time

• Creative skills - a flair for cooking that goes beyond just being able to follow recipes. Qualifications and experience are not enough on their own.

• Management skills- the ability to be a responsible and effective leader and manage a team

• Personnel skills - the ability to recruit and inspire staff

• Organizational skills- the ability to organize rosters, deliveries and storage

• Financial skills - you should be able to negotiate prices and handle budgets

High Points
-A good Chef needs to get experience working in different places, so there is a real opportunity to travel.

-Working in different countries means that you can learn new techniques and recipes, and you will get to meet lots of people.

-Work options are varied. You can do private work for a celebrity, work on a cruise ship, and work in a hotel, pub or restaurant and there's also the possibility of running your own kitchen.

- Experiencing people enjoying the food you've cooked and building up patrons can be very satisfying.

Low Points?
Just to list a few of it.
-will be working in a confined space which can get very hot.

- Many Chefs work long hours. You could be working early mornings, late evenings, weekends or on national holidays.

- Always on your feet and may have to lift heavy equipment, so ideally you need to be fairly fit.

- Job hazards can include cuts, burns and slips on spilt liquids.

- Most probably you won't get much time to see your friends, and you will need a very understanding partner.

-Traveling and moving to different places can be fun, but when you're changing jobs every few years in order to get more experience, it can be a strain.

Don’t worries, if you love the job just ignore all the low points listed above!

How much is the Salary?

You can try online salary finders such as this one,

Salaries for chefs vary a great deal, depending on the size and location of the establishment, volume of business and the chef's reputation but roughly around 45,000-55,000 a year or more if you are real good at what you do.
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Competition for a cruise ships job is very high since a lot of people are opting to have one since it pays well and there is not much expenditure for COLE on board. It is also a good opportunity to see the world while earning good cash and meet different people of different country and culture.

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